Dr Porges just did an interview with Jayson Gaddis of the Smart Couple Podcast. They dove into some of the key points on how facial expressions impact your relationships. Like, why knowing how to read other people matters? How taking care of others can impact your life? And much more. Here’s the link to check it out! https://relationshipschool.site/podcast247

Please click link below to read Dr Porges’s interview with Sylvia Zanotta in the ESH Newsletter (pages 30-32): http://esh-hypnosis.eu/wp-content/uploads/2010/07/esh-june-2019-download.pdf

Please click link for information on Dr Porges’s participation in The Mindfulness Initiative: https://www.themindfulnessinitiative.org/Pages/News/

Please see interview with Dr Stephen Porges for The Guardian, entitled: “Stephen Porges: ‘Survivors are blamed because they don’t fight’” (by Andrew Anthony). Click HERE