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Stephen W. Porges

polyvagal theory

What is Polyvagal Theory? Read about its key principles, download resources and more at the Polyvagal Institute.


View Dr. Porges' articles, books, and patents. Links to purchase his books can also be found on this page.

About Dr. Porges

See Dr. Porges' full biography and his timeline of innovation, including development of Polyvagal Theory.


View the latest press articles and news clippings about Dr. Porges and Polyvagal Theory on the media page of Polyvagal Institute.


Partners & Associations

Polyvagal Institute

Polyvagal Institute is a non-profit organization providing training and information on the application of Polyvagal Theory to a variety of disciplines, such as psychotherapy, education, communications, wellness, healthcare and more.   

Televagal logo

The Televagal PhysioCam is a wireless, therapeutic tool which converts the body's physiology - sympathetic and parasympathetic activity - into live data.

Kinsey Institute

The Trauma Stress Research Consortium (TSRC) at Indiana University is a global research initiative emerging from Polyvagal Theory, which focuses on research related to how states of defense can disrupt our health.

Unyte Integrated Listening System logo

Unyte Integrated Listening is the home of the Safe & Sound Protocol (SSP), an evidence-based auditory intervention developed by Dr. Porges.   

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