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Filling Out a Medical Form

Psychophysiological Assessments and Autonomic Scales

  • Neuroception of Psychological Safety Scale (NPSS)
    The NPSS scale assesses how safe a person feels.  Informed by Polyvagal Theory, it consists of 29 items, divided into three sub-scales of Social Engagement, Compassion & Bodily Sensations, and is a psychometrically valid measure for use with adults.  The study was led by Dr Liza Morton and carried out at The University of Strathclyde by an international team with expertise in trauma therapy.


  • Dr. Porges and his research colleagues, Dr. Gregory Lewis, Dr. Keri Heilman and Dr. Jacek Kolacz, have created three scales that assess physiological state. The questionnaire is available at the link below and the scales are managed by the Kinsey Institute Trauma Stress Research Consortium (TSRC). To request access, please email to the TSRC ( with the following information - the name of your organization, your reason for requesting them, and your preferred language.

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