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Body Perception Questionnaire

The Body Perception Questionnaire (BPQ) is a self-report measure of body awareness and autonomic reactivity developed by Dr. Porges and colleagues. Its items are based on the organization of the autonomic nervous system (ANS), a set of neural pathways connecting the brain and body. These pathways send information from the body about the status of organs and tissues (i.e., afferent projections). Some of these incoming signals form a basis for the subjective awareness of the body. The ANS also carries signals that control the functions of these organs and tissues (i.e., efferent projections). These signals can alter the functions of the body, depending on internal and external needs. The BPQ has been translated into a number of languages. The scales are available below.

For information regarding psychometric properties of the Body Perception Questionnaire, please contact Dr Jacek Kolacz at:

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